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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 Introduction

It is the Mission and purpose of our school to provide an education which has at the centre of its organisation, activities and relationships; values that reflect the ideals of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

We aim to provide a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure atmosphere where the intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified and addressed. We will endeavour to enhance the self-esteem and wellbeing of everyone in the school community, to offer a supportive environment where opportunities for development are encouraged and to imbue in the pupils respect for people and property and to encourage in them the idea of being responsible.

Our Three Year Plan (2010 - 2013) sets specific targets in five key areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Parental Involvement, Attendance and Involvement with other Bodies. A review will be held each June and progress carefully monitored. Standardised tests, screening tests, pupils' work, teacher observation and information from parents will all be used to measure progress.

We welcome comments and contributions from parents and pupils as we plan for the future.

Why a Plan?
Our plan will help us to bring about improvement in educational and social outcomes for those pupils considered to be under-achieving in educational and social terms due to disadvantage, and help them achieve their potential. It will also help to raise literacy and numeracy levels throughout the whole school. Our frame of reference is based on the definition of ‘educational disadvantage’ in the Education Act (1998) as: ‘the impediments to education arising from social and economic disadvantage, which prevent students from deriving appropriate benefit from education in schools’.