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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 Literacy Year 3 (2012-2013)

Summary Plan to improve Literacy Levels

•  Ensure that all pupils make at least expected yearly progress in reading ability: i.e. all pupils achieve at least one-year's increase in reading age (as measured by standardised reading tests).

•  Ensure that at least 35% pupils who achieved less than expected yearly progress last year compensate for it this year - i.e. any pupil achieving lower scores in June 2012 than June 2011 must reach the previous year's levels (as measured in percentile scores).

•  Ensure that we accelerate struggling readers' development (Readers below the 20th percentile). Instruction for struggling readers must produce substantially more than one-year's growth in reading ability for each year of instruction. Our target is to accelerate at least 5% of these struggling readers by more than one year.

•  Ensure that our identified more able and talented pupils continue to achieve at the highest levels.

•  Specifically target struggling readers in First & Second Classes with a view to improving more than 5% of these pupils by more than one year's reading growth.

Target Group
Lead Responsibility
Progress of Measure

Ring fenced whole school timetable for literacy
Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 10.00am
(To ensure uninterrupted time for Literacy every day)

First - Sixth
Support Team & class teachers
All year
Continuation with Team Teaching at each class level where the class teacher and the SEN teacher work with ability groups
All classes
Support Team
All year
Continuation of Touch, Type, Read & Spell Programme to support dyslexic pupils (TTRS).
Specific target pupils
SEN Organiser (for TTRS)
& ICT Co-Ordinator (for laptops & software)
All year
Timetabled School Library
First Class - Sixth Class
Deputy Principal with volunteers from Parents Council
All year
Reading Recovery
Four target pupils
(Reading Recovery Teacher)
All year
Use of SRA & Prim Ed Comprehension Boxes to support pupils' comprehension
First - Sixth
Class Based
(Pupils to be retested first to ascertain appropriate entry level)
Minimum of 4 weeks during the year
Continuation of First Steps Programme
All Classes
All teachers involved in the literacy grouping
All year
Continuation of cursive handwriting programme with weekly handwriting lessons outside of Literacy times. Certificates awarded monthly.
First - Sixth classes
Relevant class teachers
All year
Use of Jolly Phonics program with interactive whiteboards in Infants' classes
Teachers of Infants
All year
Raise the Awareness of Books: Celebrate World Book Day Thursday 7th March
(Pupils to dress up as their favourite character from any book)
All classes
Class Teachers
March 2013
Continuation of Homework Club
Target pupils
Support Team & B/ECCP Co-Ordinator
September - June

Continuation of Mini-Reading Clubs: Groups of three pupils will plan timeframe for reading a book and discuss it twice weekly using discussion prompts. The full genre of texts to be covered during the programme.

(Class novels NOT to be selected for programme)

First - Sixth
Literacy Groups

Select books by end of September, order additional books by first week October to begin after Halloween.

Allocation of discussion time at discretion of teacher but suggestion is three 10 minute slots.

Seasonal Poetry/Writing Competition

(Ken Black Toy Shop Vouchers given as Prizes)


All Classes

Each Literacy Group Teacher & Principal

September 28th - Letter Writing Competition (in conjunction with World Tourism Day & The Gathering 2013)

(Remaining competition themes to be decided during the year)

Confirm record Class Novels (so there is no overlapping)
First - Sixth
Each Literacy Group Teacher & Principal
Use of Wikis & Blogs to encourage Writing
Senior Classes
ICT Co-Ordinator& Literacy Group Teachers
From October
All Classes
Literacy Group Teachers
All Year
Use of to encourage writing
Senior Classes
Literacy Group Teachers
All Year
Participation in National Novel Writing Month
Senior Literacy Group
Senior Literacy Teacher
October & November onwards
Paired Reading / Listening to Reading
Selected Pupils in First & Second
First & Second Literacy Teachers & B/ESCP
All Year
Use of to encourage writing
Senior Classes
Middle & Senior Literacy Teachers
All Year
Specifically teach Comprehension Strategies
All Classes
Literacy Group Teachers
All Year
Participation in Book of the Year Awards Shadowing Scheme 2013
Fifth & Sixth Classes
Literacy Teachers
February - May