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You are here Three Year Plan 2010 - 2013 Involvement of Parents Year 1 (2010-2011)

Summary Plan to improve Involvement of Parents
We will increase the number of parents involved with the school by ten parents
Target Group
Lead Responsibility
Measure Undertaken
Continue the involvement with School Library
Three members of Parents' Council
Mrs. Connaughton
All year
Continue involvement with school's Chess Club
Two volunteer parents
Mr. Roberts
After Halloween Break - Easter Holidays
Sport's Day
Parents involved with HWH Bunclody GAA, Bunclody AFC, Boxing Club etc
All Teachers
Parents to new infants starting school in September 2011 when children where children have not attended a preschool.
Parents of pupils who have not attended a preschool
HSCL Miss O'Meara
March - June
Grandparents' Day
Grandparents of pupils in the school
HSCL & Class Teachers
Second Term
Involvement of parents willing to share skills with the school e.g. Art Letter of invitation given to all parents asking if they have a skill/interest they are wiiling to share sent out in early April
Volunteer Parents
HSCL & Class Teachers
Second Term
Gardening Group
Target Group interested in doing small flower bed beside entrance to school
End of Second Term
Making of St. Brigid's Crosses
Volunteer parents & grandparents