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The War of Toby's Death by Ben Markey

Chapter 1: New Kid

Toby sat at the corner of the room by the window away from everyone else. There was a spare chair in front of him and beside him. A new school, a new class, a new teacher and a new kid. Toby dreaded this year. He didn't want to get noticed. If he got attention he would be asked questions and last time that happened he'd gotten annoyed and broke a boy's nose. Toby sat back wondering what to do.

He looked around and saw people staring at him and giggling. A teacher's gaze was fixed on him. Toby stared out the window. Clouds covered the sky. Frost clung to the window like it didn't want to leave. A boy walked up to Toby. "You're the new kid, Toby, right?" Toby continued looking out the window. "I'm Danny anyway". "Go away please", Toby whispered. "Mr. Nolan said to sit beside you", Danny said firmly. Toby sighed. "Whatever", he muttered. Danny sat down. From then on he was silent. Another mistake Toby thought.

Another boy came over. "Hey Danny", he said, "who's this lad?" "Leave him alone Edward", Danny ordered. Toby finally looked up. "What do you want?, he said giving in. "To sit down there", Edward said surprised. "Sit then", Toby said. He sat down. Edward had curly brown hair under a flat cap. Toby noticed an ugly scar on the back of Edward's ear. Danny was staring at one of the girls in the middle of the room. She had blonde hair that matched Danny's. Edward whistled and Danny turned red. The girl looked around. "Molly is looking at you man", Edward laughed. "No she's looking at you", Danny insisted. Molly waved at Toby. "Someone's staring at you Toby", he said. "What?" Toby demanded. Molly winked and he grinned happily. Edward whistled again. People started sniggering when Molly walked over................................

To Be continued . . . Click here to read the full book (pdf format)