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MissionV Education Limited is a not for profit organisation specialising in the use of game based learning and virtual worlds technology for the support of primary school students. Supported by the National Centre for Technology in Education the pilot project is offered to 20 schools in Ireland for the Autumn term of 2011. We are lucky to have been selected as one of those schools.

The Project

Each school on the pilot project has access to a closed, secure digital desert island where participating students use geometric building tools to collaboratively construct 3D replicas of real world or fantasy structures and program these objects to generate a fully interactive world. They communicate and plan their projects via their digital character or avatar making this a truly immersive and engaging learning experience. MissionV has a key role to play in the teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Education & Maths) subjects. This project provides a highly creative, totally immersive, game based learning environment for primary and post primary students. It puts the focus on 21st century skills, helping children to become original digital creators with 3D modelling and programming skills.  MissionV allows students to connect, create and collaborate in a 3D world entirely of their own making. The project is innovative and is making excellent use of a number of cutting edge technologies. In November Mission V will host a virtual Science Week Expo, supported by Discover Science & Engineering where participating schools can show their 3D models based on the "Chemistry of Life" theme. In many ways, what makes this project exceptional is that it embraces creativity, play, and collaboration in an educational setting. For more information and videos featuring MissionV Education go to the website:

What Do I Need to Know if My Child Takes Part?

A small group of fifth class pupils will take part in the pilot project which we hope will be extended to many more pupils in the future. If selected your child will have access to the school's 'island' during school. They will also have the opportunity to access the 'island' at home with your permission. The attached is the Users' Charter which must be signed by you and your child. You can also view the full Terms of Use on the MissionV website.

How Do I Access MissionV at Home?

To access MissionV at home you will need broadband Internet access. You will also need to install a program called 'Imprudence' on your computer which enables access to the MissionV program.


  Links for Resources for Participants:  


  MissionV You Tube Channel  


How to Upload your own Textures
(You Tube Video)

Seamless Textures

How to build a Water Molecule

MissionV Tutorials

Creating Signs





Drawings for Project


Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide


Nitrogen Dioxide

Methane: A Hydrocarbon

Diagram showing a Catalytic Converter






Screenshots of Projects
Liverpool House (William)
House (Adam)
Liverpool TV (William)
The Diving Pool (Saoirse)
Platinum Avatar (Saoirse)
Oxygen Avatar (Front View) (Kayleigh)
Oxygen Avatar (Kayleigh)
Platinum Avatar (View from back) (Saoirse)
Nitrogen Avatar (William)
Textures for the League of Extraordinary Elements