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You are here Some Books bought during 2013 Some of our Latest Books 2014

These are some of our latest books which we have added to the school library during 2013. These are not included in our Top 20 Books for 9 years - 12 years nor in our Top 10 Books for 12+ years.

Alexander the Great (Famous Lives)
Bugs and Insects (Usborne Spotter's Guide)
Castles (Usborne Beginners)
The Usborne Book of Castles: Internet-linked (Usborne Complete Book)
Dangerous Animals (Usborne Beginners)
(Usborne Beginners)
Dinosaurs (Usborne Spotter's Guide)
Dogs (Beginners)
(Usborne Beginners)
The Usborne Encyclopedia of Planet Earth
Encyclopedia of the Roman World (Usborne Internet-linked Reference)
First Book of Art
Internet-linked Greeks (Internet-linked)
Horses and Ponies (Usborne Beginners)
Mummies and Pyramids (Usborne Discovery)
Roman Army
(Usborne Discovery)
Internet-linked Romans (Illustrated World History)
(Usborne Beginners)
Rome and Romans (Usborne Time Traveller)
(Usborne Beginners)
The Solar System
(Usborne Beginners)
Sun, Moon and Stars (Usborne Beginners)
The First World War (Young Reading, Series 3)
The Usborne Introduction to the First World War
The Usborne Introduction to The Second World War: Internet-linked
The Usborne Book of Dinosaurs
(Usborne Discovery)
Vikings Beginners
(Usborne Beginners)
(Usborne Beginners)
Weather and Climate Change: Internet-Linked Reference
Wild Animals
(Usborne Spotter's Guide)
World of Animals (Usborne Internet-linked Reference)
Famous Paintings (Usborne Internet-linked Reference)
Very First Art Book
50 Soccer Skills (Usborne Activities)
1916 (Irish Century) A Cat Called Scratch Ava the Sunset Fairy (Rainbow Magic)
Avoid Becoming an Aztec Sacrifice!
Avoid Becoming an Egyptian Pyramid Builder
Avoid Being a Mammoth Hunter! Avoid Being a Roman Soldier! Avoid Being a Second World War Evacuee
Avoid Being a Slave in Pompeii
Avoid being an Aristocrat in the French Revolution!
Avoid Being on Apollo 13! Avoid Entering the Greek Olympics! Avoid Joining Shackleton's Polar Expedition!
Avoid Sailing in the Spanish Armada!
Avoid Sailing on the Titanic!
Avoid Sailing with Christopher Columbus! Brian Boru Emperor of the Irish Cara the Camp Fairy (Rainbow Magic Fairies Special Editions)
(Early Reader)
Football Fever
Football The Ultimate Guide Updated 2010 Edition Freestyle Football Street Moves Tricks, Stepovers and Passes Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret (Horrid Henry Early Reader)
Horrid Henry's Car Journey
(Early Reader)
Selena the Sleepover Fairy (Rainbow Magic)
The Great Famine
(Irish History)
The Hunger - An Irish Girl's diary 1845 - 1847 The Story of Daniel O'Connell (Irish Heroes for Children)
The Story of Michael Collins (Irish Heroes for Children)
The Three Little Witches Storybook
The Young Rebels Ultimate Football Avoid being a World War Two Pilot
War and Change Ireland 1918_1924
Winnie's Crazy Capers
(Winnie the Witch)
100 Facts on Ancient Egypt 100 Facts on Ancient Greece 100 Facts on Ancient Rome
100 Facts on Dinosaurs
100 Facts on Horses & Ponies
100 Facts on Planet Earth 100 Facts on Sharks 100 Facts on Weather
100 Facts on Whales & Dolphins
Carbon-oxygen and Nitrogen Cycles Respiration, Photosynthesis and Decomposition Earth's Processes
Deserts Extreme Habitats Earth's Changing Crust Earth's Processes Hiroshima How Did It Happen
Killer Nature:
Beastly Bugs

Killer Nature:
Savage Sharks

Extreme Habitats
Extreme Habitats
Polar Regions: Extreme Habitats
The Cold War - How Did It Happen
The First World War - How Did It Happen
The Goldsmith's Daughter by Tanya Landman The Great Depression - How Did It Happen The Rise of Nazism - How Did It Happen
The Second World War How Did It Happen
The Water Cycle Evaporation, Condensation & Erosion Earth's Processes