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Rackard League Hurling for Boys in Third & Fourth Classes: The Rackard League will run a hurling league for boys in third & fourth classes during March. This league is to give boys the chance to play three fun matches. There is no cup or winning team it is purely for participation. Our school will enter a team in the league with the games to be played on Wednesdays at 3.30pm March 7 th , 14 th and 21 st . Games will last 45 minutes 3 x 15 minutes periods
* Period 1: Ground hurling
* Period 2: Full hurling but no soloing
* Period 3: Full hurling

Letter and Permission Form here

February Fitness Fundraiser: As part of our fundraising this year, the Parents Council have decided to run a 'Fitness February' activity for the children to participate in. This is due to begin on Monday 5th February and run until Sunday 4th March 2018. This means that we will be asking the children to complete physical activities/exercise on a daily basis and receive sponsorship from family and friends to do so. Eachchild will receive a daily log for them to record the activity that they have completed, length of time spent doing of activity and then signed by parent or guardian. It is important that this log sheet will be returned at the end of the four weeks as it is the record of the activities completed and time spent doing so. As usual there will be a prize for the classes that spend the most amount of time completing these activities - one class in the junior section of the school and one class in the senior section of the school.

Examples of activities can include:
~ Running
~ Cycling
~ Skipping
~ Training
~ Walking
~ Gymnastics
~ Dancing
~ Or any other creative activity that children can come up with

Children are encouraged to share their activities with their friends in school to help keep each other motivated.
Each family will be given one sponsorship card per family and these cards are to be returned with the money raised before Tuesday 6th March 2018. We hope that the children will enjoy this activity and feel very proud of themselves afterwards. If you have any further questions on this fundraiser then please do not hesitate to contact any of the Parents Council members and we thank you again for your ongoing support.

Credit Union Table Quiz Winners: We congratulated our Under 11 table quiz team on their success in the Credit Union Table Quiz last Friday night. The team was Lili Markey, Megan Redmond, Lilly Jones and Bartek Krzak.

OPEN WEEK: We invite parents of children who may enrol with us during 2018 and 2019 to visit the school (with their children) on any day from Monday 5th February to Thursday 8th February (inclusive) from 9.00am to 10.00am. This will give parents (and children) a chance to see the school in operation and an opportunity to visit classes and talk to the teachers and pupils. All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.

Coderdojo Club: The school is facilitating a Coderdojo Club on Mondays from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. Coderdojo is a programming club for young people. We'll be covering Scratch, html, python, apps and more. (Very important). If you are 12 or under, your parent must stay with you during the session. We're aiming at 5th and 6th class students for now.  To sign up for the initial block on Mondays 4:30 - 5:30 go here: or let the principal know.

Communion 2018: First Holy Communion will take place on Saturday 12th May 2018.

Confirmation 2018: Confirmation will take place on Sunday March 18th 2018 at Mass at 12.00 noon.