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You are here Our Science & Maths Work Balloon Car Challenge

As part of Maths Week pupils were asked to design a Balloon Powered Car from whatever materials they wished. The results of the competition were as follows:

1st Place: Rory Byrne (Sixth Class). Rory's estimate of how far the car would travel: 8m. Rory's car weighed only 50g and travelled 5 metres and 20 cm before colliding with onlookers! So his estimate was probably very good.

2nd Place: Wiktor Krol (Third Class). Wiktor's estimate of how far the car would travel: 5m 54cm. Wiktor's car weighed 52g and travelled 3m 86cm.

3rd Place: Clodagh Byrne (Fourth Class). Clodagh's estimate of how far the car would travel: 5m. Clodagh's car weighed 53g and covered 3m 48 cm.

4th Place: Oskar Ajdukiewicz (Third Class). Oskar's estimate of how far the car would travel: 4m. Oskar's car travelled 3m 20cm before it collided with spectators, so it probably would have travelled several metres more.

Congratulations to all who took part in the challenge: Paddy Scott (Third Class), Sean Dunbar (Third Class), Nathan Byrne (Sixth Class), Dawid Kmiecik (Fifth Class), Lauren Jordan & Lara Mosquera (Third Class), Caoimhe Jordan (Fifth Class), Andy Jordan (Third Class), Luke Burke (Third Class), Ailbhe Fortune & Cora Murphy (Third Class), Adam Dunne (Third Class), Oskar Ajdukiewicz (Third Class), Clodagh Byrne (Fourth Class), Wiktor Krol (Third Class) and Rory Byrne (Sixth Class).