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There was a great buzz about Our Lady of Lourdes National School this week. The  pupils enjoyed learning about the secret life of Ireland's bees when scientist and environmentalist Joseph Campbell visited the school with a multimedia display. He explained that there are over 100 species of bee in Ireland with 80% of them wild. He taught the infants how to do the Waggle Dance of the honeybee. His programme was designed to help foster the pupils' appreciation of environments and his/her responsibility for their conservation and enhancement.

Bees pollinate up to 90% of all flowering plants on earth.

There are about 103 species of bee in Ireland (80% are wild/solitary)

"Entomolgy" is the study of insects

Bees have three body parts: the head, the thorax and the abdomen

Bees have three pairs of legs, compound eyes and 2 antennae.

Colonies can accommodate 40,000 bees

There is only one queen bee (mother)

Females are known as £workers"

Males are known as "deones"

Queens can live up to 7 years.

The Honey Bee
The honey bee has a stinger
The stinger is barbed
The honey bee can only sting once and then dies
The honey bee only stings if threatened

Solitary Bees
The solitary female bee raises brood herself
Dies after building nest
No workers
Female builds the nest
Lives anywher
Doesn't store honey
Has no stinger

Bumble Bees
Females lay larva
Eats nectar & pollen
Not barbed sting
Stings more than once
Lives in the wild