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On Tuesday 17 th of November three PHD students of science from Carlow IT came to our school and showed us a number of experiments and we got to look under microscopes. We did a forensic examination to try and solve who murdered a pop singer from a famous girl band. There were five options; the local priest who hated her because she didn't sing for charity, her old history teacher who hated her because he wanted her to be academic and not famous, a drummer from a different band who wasn't picked for the band, a fellow band member who thought that the victim took all of the attention and her personal assistant because she was bossy.

We got split into groups of six/seven and we had a sheet of paper which we divided into six sections, one for each of the suspects and one for the crime scene and a pencil or two. We got five samples of powder that represented the soils from the suspects and one more that matched another one and that was the murderer. Of course it wasn't that simple because all of the powders seemed identical. We received a red liquid and a pipette. A pipette sucks up the liquid when you squeeze the top. We put two drops on each sample and most turned green but one was purple and that matched the crime scene. We then had to go to the top of the hall and had to see who the person that killed the victim was. It turned out to be the singer. Everyone had a very fun time. It was very interesting.