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On Tuesday a man called Dave visited our school. Dave brought in a number of animals with him. He brought in a python called Seamus. He let us hold him and pet him. He felt very mushy. Dave also brought in a rhinoceros iguana called Phil. Phil was allowed to come out of his cage and he was roaming freely around the classroom! After that he brought in a Mexican tarantula called Charlotte. She was very furry. She looked very scary. Next he showed us an alligator snapping turtle that lives in the Mississippi River. Dave showed us how dangerous it was, he put a carrot in front of him and he ate it all up! Dave showed us two Chinese Water Dragons called Gary and Sheila. They were very good climbers. I had both of them on my shoulders. Next Dave showed us another lizard called Frank. He was about four feet long but he was very gentle. Then he showed us Kevin the Cayman Crocodile. I held him and he was very scaly. I thought Dave's Jungle was amazing. (Doireann Ní Bhroin)