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During Science week, the sixth class had the pleasure of attending an interactive workshop by archaeologist Catherine McLoughlin. During the workshop they learned about the work of dendrochronologists  in archaeological sites. They learned that each year a tree forms a new growth ring within the trunk. Dendrochronologists use these ring patterns to date artefacts found in sites. It is the oak wood dendrochronologists use in Ireland as it was the wood used by the first settlers here 8000 years ago. After the initial talk the pupils worked through a worksheet using samples of trees - it was a most interesting workshop and they all enjoyed it very much.

Dendrochronologists count tree rings

The oldest tree was 8000 years old

Oak trees are used for dating in Ireland

Dendrochronologist means living tree study

Water preserves wood on archaeologists' sites

There are five parts of a tree cross section: Cambium, Inner Bark, Sapwood, Heartwood and Outer Bark