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You are here Our Science & Maths Work Dissecting Heart, Liver & Lungs

As part of Science Week Third and Fourth Classes got to dissect a heart, liver and lungs.  We got to see and feel all the parts of the lungs we had been learning about.  We found out that the left lung is smaller than the right lung so that there's space for the heart.  We also realised that the left side of the heart wall is thicker than the right.  This is because the left side has to pump blood around the entire body, but the right side only needs to pump blood a short distance to the lungs.  It was exciting and disgusting! We also learned that the trachea has small rings of cartilage in it to keep it open. We put our fingers down the trachea and it felt bumpy and hairy. We put our hands in the lungs and it felt rubbery. The liver felt slimy and smooth. We got to feel inside the heart. It felt thick and gooey. (Sam Lonergan and Niall Furlong)