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Sixth class investigated the area of 'nanoscience' - the science of the very, very, very, very small!! So small in fact that 1 nanometre equals one millionth of a millimetre! Human hands are too large to handle nanomaterials therefore   very sophisticated tools are required  by nanoscientists to carry out investigations.  Sixth class tried to work like nanoscientists - they had to make a house out of lego blocks while wearing oven mitts. It proved impossible to do -their mitted gloves were too large to handle the small lego blocks.Nanoscience is an exciting new field in science and Ireland is a leading country in this area - hopefully we have a few potential nanoscientists in our midst.

Nanoscience is the study of miniscule things
Nano-objects are so small they are invisible
Nanometer is 1,000,000 times smaller than a mm
Surgeons can use it to cure illnesses
Nanoscience is in everything
In the future nanoscience will be very important
Human hands are too big to handle nanomatters therefore very sophisticated tools are needed to carry out investigations
If a nanometre is the size of a football, then a football would be the size of planet Earth.