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You are here Our Science & Maths Work SCIEN-TASTIC

Last Wednesday morning, we went to Scien-tastic. Michelle, the scientist, told us that cabbage juice mixed with acid, base and neutral could make different colours. We tried to mix cabbage juice with washing up liquid, water, baking soda, soap and lemon juice. We got all sorts of different colours. If we got pink it was an acid, if we got green or blue it was a base and if we got purple it was neutral. Everyone in the class got different colours.

We then used our test tubes as we tried to mix green base and pink acid. It was like a volcano as white bubbly foam poured out of the top. It was so cool!

Michelle also showed us what happened when she mixed acid and base in a flask with a balloon on top. The liquids mixed, flew up the flask and filled the balloon. It looked like a hot air balloon rising.

Unfortunately, we then had to go back to class but our time there certainly was Scien-tastic! (Conor Burke, 4th class)