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You are here Our Science & Maths Work Analysis of Data from Volleyball League

Analysis of our results was carried out by John Connors 5th class and Mick Connors 6th class

From analysis of our data we wanted to find out:

Did the team which topped the league win the overall competition? (Yes)
Did the team which had the highest scores in the league section win the overall competition? (Yes)
Did the number of scores made equate to the end position of the team? (Only for the top team)
Was there any advantage/disadvantage in serving first? (Yes, when serving first the team was 2.5 times more likely to lose!)
What was the overall average score for each team in the league section? (Shown below)
What other information can we get from the analysis of the data?

Analysis of Data & Charts

Team D which topped the league section went on to win the competition. The bottom team - Team F was not the lowest scorer during the league section and ended in 5th place on scores! In terms of points Team D was well ahead in the league section but the other teams were much closer to them on scores only.
Team D also was the top scorer in the league section. The position of the other teams on points did not always equal their position on scores.
The team which served first was 2.5 times more likely to lose! However, we don't really know if is true even though the figures say it is as Team A never served first and did not end up top of the league. Still, if given the choice of serving first or not we would recommend NOT serving first.
We did notice that each team did not serve first the same number of times. Team H served first for all their games and Team A never served first. We think that this should be changed for the volleyball league next year.